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Can AI Make Work Fun Again? It All Starts with Vanquishing Pain Points

A business owner we’ll call Gus started his own real estate management firm after spending a decade working for others. Gus just knew he could do a better job of taking care of..

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Business Transformation Story - Health Insurance Company

Operations were holding back this client’s aspirations for aggressive growth. They suffered from broken processes, dated technology, and an inability to measure performance..

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering an AI Project

You’ve heard about Artificial Intelligence, and how it has the potential to change just about everything. You may have even seen other companies or competitors use AI successfully..

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3 Reasons Why Michael Scott Truly Is The World’s Best Boss And How You

Those of us that have seen NBC’s hit show The Office have likely cringed at each painstakingly awkward joke or statement that came out of Dunder-Mifflin’s well-intended Regional..

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The Time is Yesterday to Adopt AI

Are you one of those professionals who once wrote off AI? Maybe you thought to yourself: This is just a fad, something only techies are into... That was definitely the case for a..

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How AI Platforms Can Improve Accuracy

The whole world is talking about AI. Any belief that artificial intelligence could be limited to mere particular areas of the economy has flown out the window. Over the last year..

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Why You Should Buy Your AI Solution, Not Build It

Recently, an executive I’ll call Stan told my team he was in the final stages of negotiating with a software vendor. The latter promised to revolutionize his business by..

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Adobe Firefly Means AI Can Bring the Creative Spark Back to Video Marketing

As AI took the business world by storm in 2023, creative professionals and marketing leaders alike all shared the same query: “When is it our turn?” While AI pioneers like OpenAI..

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