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Louder Co. consulting case studies are a window into how a community of solvers combine the strengths of people and technology to deliver profitable, and sustainable outcomes.

Construction Site

Case Study

A Culture Strategy Helps Meet New HR Performance Management Needs

Client: Acadia Services
Industry: Construction
Our Role: From evaluation to implementation, Louder Co. assisted Acadia in shaping a superior company culture in line with its mission, values, and objectives.
Services: People Operations, Organizational Culture, and Change Management

The Challenge

A strong organizational culture is one where people are aligned on purpose and values and feel empowered to work with a shared vision.  This can be easily overlooked when a company is rapidly growing and needs to scale operations and teams quickly. This was the case with our client, Acadia Services, a civil construction company that provides a diverse scope of services and equipment in the DFW area.

Acadia Services teamed up with Louder Co. to transform its organizational culture. Our objectives were threefold: to define their organizational culture, foster sustainability in company values and behaviors through standardized processes, and continue elevating Acadia as the best place to work.

The Solution

Working closely with Acadia leaders, Louder Co. facilitated a variety of interactive workshops, which defined the values, organizational habits, and overall culture of Acadia. Louder Co. surveyed the entire organization, resulting in 70% of employees providing feedback on their perceived values and what would make the company a better place to work.

The team designed The Acadia Culture Book, a guide to adopting the way of life at Acadia. The Handbook ensures every employee has the knowledge and tools they need to perform within the highest standards of excellence and in alignment with the company's core values.

After organizational culture was defined, Louder Co. aligned hiring and performance management practices to company culture aspirations. By training interviewers to “Hire To Core Values”, interviewees could ensure they were hiring culture fits, individuals who would preserve the quality of the organizational culture. Louder Co. also digitalized the entire performance management process and included culture-related metrics that could be utilized to evaluate employee performance and adherence to culture standards.

It is Acadia’s belief that adopting company culture principles will set up employees for a long and successful career, and will sustain the integrity of the organization for years to come.

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The Results

  • Defined, designed, and implemented a new values-driven culture

  • Assembled One Collaborative Committee of Culture Champions

  • Facilitated 9 Culture Team meetings and interactive workshops

  • 70% employee participation in a company-wide culture survey

  • 2 Acadia Culture Handbooks


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