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Your Social Media Page Could Be Killing Your Career

Andrew Louder May 1, 2024 1:23:04 PM

This post is based on a radio interview I did with KRLD News Radio of Dallas. We hope you keep reading, but if you want to listen to the full interview, go here.


Social media seems to dominate the way businesses operate in today’s modern world. Not only has it become a major marketing tool but it’s also how employers are scoping out potential employees. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, job seekers should be mindful of the content they post and comments they make on the internet. We've heard it time and time again. Once you post something online it lives forever.


If you thought your Instagram account was only being viewed by friends and family, think again. A new study by CareerBuilder finds that 70% of employers want to see what job seekers are posting on social media. They are interested in your personal brand and how that’s been portrayed online to the public. The key indicators of your personal branding will live in what you are posting about and who you are connecting with.


Here are a few things you need to consider:




Content is king and speaks at large about your personal brand. This is one of the major reasons why employers are looking to social media for additional insight on potential employees. When people interview for jobs in a corporate setting it can be difficult for companies to gauge authenticity. Because Social Media is now being utilized as a vetting tool for job seekers, we warn individuals to be careful when posting about political and controversial media topics. Before starting a job search, take the time necessary to remove unflattering messages and images. It could cost you significant money otherwise.




The people you surround yourself with and the groups you subscribe to are another way for companies to gauge a job seeker's core values. It is commonly said that your “vibe attracts your tribe” and companies want to attract employees who align with their core values. Since employers are looking at your associations it would be beneficial for job seekers to connect with experts and groups who align with their industry of choice. Follow periodicals, thought leaders, and companies that you align with that will put a positive face forward about your personal interests.




I believe an individual’s personal brand is closely associated to how employers will be perceived by the public. I tell people I work with - “How you are presenting yourself to the public is therefore how you would be presenting our company to the public”. Job seekers and employees alike are encouraged to portray themselves in a manner that aligns with the core values of their employers. Companies want to build a team that aligns with their beliefs. I'm not saying don't be you. We're all human and we all have a side of us that ought to be kept private. Put out what you want to be portrayed as.



Social media, when managed properly, can be an effective tool for job seekers to connect with future employers. Always remember to be mindful of the content to make sure that you’re presented in a that positively impacts your career.


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