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How ChatGPT Enterprise Enables Businesses to Use AI—Just Like Fortune 500 Companies Do

Andrew Louder May 1, 2024 1:24:33 PM

The launch of ChatGPT Enterprise has brought a fresh round of enthusiasm for AI amongst small and medium-sized business leaders. More owners and entrepreneurs than ever before are opening their minds to the potential AI holds to revolutionize their operations. Yet one big question remains: “What can AI actually do to improve my business?”


The question is reasonable. After all, AI still can’t complete many tasks. It can’t pack shipping boxes (not without a massive capital investment in robotics!), it can’t bake pastries, and it can’t service customers on a delivery route. At least for now. What the team of AI experts at Louder Co. helps our clients determine is how AI can support the people completing these items to be even more effective.


In many cases, the answer is to look at how Fortune 500 companies are harnessing generative AI, then apply their learnings on a smaller scale. For starters, ChatGPT developer OpenAI is partnering with the largest companies in the world to create custom versions of their AI chatbot specific to their organizations. Until now, this wasn’t something small and medium businesses tended to consider. After all, custom AI projects have budgets well beyond a million dollars and can take many months to implement. Both factors make a customized AI application seemingly out of reach. Until now.


ChatGPT Enterprise allows small and medium sized businesses to get many of the same benefits from a semi-customized version of ChatGPT. Before we look at how the Louder Co. team can help you harness ChatGPT enterprise for your own needs, let’s first consider how the Fortune 500 are putting AI to work.


Consulting giant McKinsey is rolling out Lilli, a generative AI tool for employees. When McKinsey consultants query Lilli for info on a particular issue, it sources five to seven relevant documents from the organization’s vast archives, summarizing the information. “With Lilli, we can use technology to access and leverage our entire body of knowledge and assets to drive new levels of productivity,” explained Jacky Wright, the company’s Chief Technology and Platform Officer. Professional services powerhouse PwC is also rolling out its own AI named ChatPwC with a similar concept.


But AI isn’t limited to areas like consulting and investments. You might be surprised to learn of another major company rolling out a custom AI system for its employees: retail giant Walmart. Yes, the company has launched its own AI, called My Assistant, to more than 50,000 employees throughout the country. The key detail about Walmart’s implementation is that the company isn’t replacing humans with AI—instead, it’s counting on tech to enable people to perform their most productive work.


Walmart EVP Cheryl Ainoa explained in a LinkedIn post that, “My Assistant assists with tasks like drafting, enhancing creativity, and summarizing long documents. We also plan to further expand its features, including support for new associate orientation and annual enrollment.” But she also stresses the importance of humans in the process, adding, “For out-of-the-box, truly brand-new thinking—that’s what humans are good at.”


Louder Co. believes Walmart has an excellent concept of how to make AI useful for staff. This idea of enhancing creativity and lessening drudgework so employees can spend more time using their skills and imaginations to boost productivity and wow customers is enabled by ChatGPT Enterprise. Absent the need for long and expensive custom development, OpenAI’s new offering has many of the features small and medium need right out of the box.


To list just a few ChatGPT Enterprise’s key features, the platform includes longer inputs and token context size, crucial for getting the most accurate responses possible. It also enables templates to be shared internally. That means your employees can use the tool consistently instead of accidentally creating queries resulting in costly mistakes. This all comes with unlimited high-speed access to GPT-4, the technology at the heart of the platform—plus enhanced security.


So, to bring it back to the start—what can this do for your company?


The sky’s the limit. For one, a frequent problem plaguing small and medium businesses is the need for fast onboarding with minimal training. ChatGPT Enterprise can provide new employees with an effective “help desk” for fast answers to common questions instead of slowing down the customer experience and/or tying up additional employees’ time to ask a senior coworker. Also, for now, ChatGPT cannot pack a shipping box, but it can help a shipping clerk quickly determine if a lithium-ion battery can be shipped via next-day air service. It cannot bake pastries, but it can help a new customer service rep answer a query on how long the goodies will stay fresh.


With so much flexibility and the resources to help employees spend more time doing important tasks instead of frustrating busy work, ChatGPT Enterprise can benefit small and medium businesses across a wide range of industries. Even better, it can do so fast and with a high degree of cost-effectiveness. To learn just how AI can have an immediate positive impact on your operations, contact us today. In a one-hour session, we’ll explore your goals and how ChatGPT Enterprise—along with a wide variety of AI platforms specific to a particular business function—can empower your future success.


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