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Louder Co. consultants are business experts who work alongside you to maximize your operations, leverage AI, and improve performance. The success stories of our clients cover a range of industry sectors and diverse operational strategies.

Louder Co. consulting case studies are a window into how a community of solvers combine the strengths of people and technology to deliver profitable, and sustainable outcomes.

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Case Study

Rethinking Operational Processes To Elevate The Customer Experience And Cut Costs

Client: Moxie Pest Control
Industry: Home Services
Our Role: Document, improve, and standardize Contact Center processes to increase employee productivity, ensure consistency in customer delivery, enhance employee training programs, and improve overall customer and employee experiences.
Services: Process Design, Process Improvement, Training, and Change Management

The Challenge

The caliber of customer service a business offers can be one of its strongest differentiators in a competitive marketplace. Developing well-designed processes to manage customer interactions is crucial, especially as the volume and complexity of customer queries increases. So how can a company create a unified customer service strategy that exceeds client expectations and supports operational goals? This was the challenge for our client, Moxie Pest Control, an industry leader in providing pest control solutions for homeowners across the country.

Building on a known history of unwavering quality and reliability, Moxie set out to design and improve Contact Center processes for their customer-facing teams. They teamed up with Louder Co. to strategically standardize and optimize their Contact Center's processes to achieve three goals: increase customer retention, decrease operating costs, and establish a lasting groundwork for the company's future expansion.

The Solution

Louder Co. completed a comprehensive Operations Assessment to identify Contact Center strengths and opportunities to improve various aspects of the Contact Center. After gaining a deep understanding of their pain-points and areas of improvement, Louder Co. developed a roadmap for change, outlining actionable recommendations and focus areas to drive improvements across people, process, technology, and strategy. In addition to identifying ways to enhance team productivity and drive consistent customer experiences, Louder Co. derived recommendations that would reduce the Contact Center’s “Cost Per Call” and drive profits amongst Contact Center Operations.

Next, Louder Co. worked with Contact Center leaders to document and standardize critical processes. This directly impacts the success of Contact Center operations and is directly responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction. Louder Co. identified inefficiencies and redundancies across departments and made process improvement recommendations, helping department leaders standardize new and improved high-impact process workflows across the organization. Louder Co. consolidated all process workflows into a centralized knowledge database, creating training materials and facilitating process change training across the organization.

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The Results

  • Documented and standardized 96 processes derived from 150+ contact center activities
  • Developed the Moxie Flywheel to improve output quality and profitability.
  • Conducted 10+ personalized change management training across Contact Center departments

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