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Louder Co. consultants are business experts who work alongside you to maximize your operations, leverage AI, and improve performance. The success stories of our clients cover a range of industry sectors and diverse operational strategies.

Louder Co. consulting case studies are a window into how a community of solvers combine the strengths of people and technology to deliver profitable, and sustainable outcomes.


Case Study

Developing an AI Strategy to Strategically Achieve Optimum Business Impact

Client: Tanner Pharma Group 
Industry: Pharmaceutical Distribution
Our Role: Complete an AI Workshop and Technology Assessment to identify strategic opportunity areas for AI adoption that will generate the greatest business impact.
Services: AI Rapid Assessment, AI Roadmap, Technology Assessment

The Challenge

Studies show that internationally, nearly 2 billion people lack access to essential pharmaceuticals. Thankfully there are advocates and organizations like Tanner Pharma Group whose mission is to make medicine more accessible through their global distribution networks and resourceful teams.

As Tanner Pharma Group continues on a trajectory of organizational growth, leadership recognizes the potential to optimize workflows and achieve higher efficiency through AI. Tanner Pharma Group engaged Louder Co. to complete an AI workshop with various company leaders and uncover various ways AI could reduce operational challenges and pain-points while enhancing productivity.

The Solution

Louder Co.'s Artificial Intelligence workshops are designed to guide leaders through the AI landscape, providing actionable insights to unlock productivity and profitably with AI. The first step of Tanner Pharma Group's AI Rapid Assessment workshop was to gauge the organization's AI readiness through a series of survey questions. Louder Co.'s final recommendations take into account an organization's level of AI readiness to ensure valuable AI solutions are selected that have the greatest likelihood of being successful and seamlessly adopted. 

Louder Co.'s engagement extended beyond the initial AI workshop, focusing on the execution of all 11 recommended projects. Our role encompassed spearheading 'quick win' projects that promised immediate benefits, as well as executing more extensive, long-term AI endeavors. Initiatives are diverse in scope and involve preparing the company for AI adoption, optimizing and upgrading existing technologies, and supporting the company's selection of off-the-shelf AI systems tailored to their unique requirements.

Next, the group was asked to identify organizational pain points and inefficiencies and rank them based on the level of impact on the company. Louder Co. used these pain points to identify various AI projects, delineating quick-win solutions vs. long-term projects. The AI recommendations were consolidated into an AI roadmap, offering a sustainable path forward to capitalize on AI solutions. The roadmap offered steps to achieve a successful selection, implementation, and change management process.​

After completing Tanner Pharma Group's AI Rapid Assessment workshop, Louder Co. was asked to lead the AI Roadmap and associated system selections. The first task was to complete a Technology Assessment, which evaluates the current state of Tanner's tech stack and associated data while determining each tool's capabilities. Louder Co. identified new integration and data-sharing possibilities, gaps within the tools, capabilities, and potential risks to AI efficacy if left unaddressed. The result was a set of recommendations to help the company enhance its tech stack, improve data management, and ensure optimized success of AI adoption and integration.

​The Assessment also featured a comprehensive ROI Analysis, highlighting the anticipated return on AI investment for Tanner Pharma. The analysis not only assessed baseline and peak efficiencies for each project within the AI Roadmap but also quantified monetary impacts for estimated efficiency and revenue gains. To assist in ongoing cost-benefit discussions, Louder Co. created an ROI calculator for the company. This tool is designed to modify various cost-benefit assumptions, allowing for precise estimates of each AI initiative's ROI and a more objective decision-making process for choosing technology solutions to invest in. 


Project Accomplishments

  • Identified 8 critical opportunity areas for AI implementation.

  • Developed a detailed AI Roadmap to ensure the successful selection, implementation, and change management of AI applications and tools.

  • Completed a technology assessment to provide recommendations for an enhanced tech stack and optimized AI adoption and integration.

  • Completed an ROI Analysis to illustrate the company's overall return on AI investments over the next 3 years. 

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