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Innovator Insights Podcast

Innovators Insights Podcast

In the dynamic world of business and technology, staying ahead means staying informed. Innovators Insights is a podcast that bridges the gap between groundbreaking ideas and practical business solutions. Hosted by Andrew Louder, the founder of Louder Co., a leading business operation and AI consulting agency, this podcast is your gateway to the minds shaping the future of industry and innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to deliver real-world insights from the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. Each episode of Innovators Insights is a journey into the experiences of industry leaders, creative thinkers, and passionate entrepreneurs. We delve deep into their achievements, the challenges they've overcome, and the invaluable wisdom they've gathered along the way. Our conversations are more than just interviews; they're a platform for sharing the lessons and strategies that can help you navigate the complexities of today's business landscape.

Who Should Listen?

Innovators Insights is designed for anyone intrigued by the mechanics of innovation, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the strategies for success in today’s fast-paced world. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, or a professional keen to understand the latest in technology and business strategies, this podcast offers something valuable for you.

Why Listen?

  • Get Inspired: Hear firsthand from those who've transformed their visions into reality, learning what motivates them and how they stay ahead of the curve.
  • Gain Insights: From the latest in AI to the strategies driving business growth, gain insights into the trends and technologies shaping our future.
  • Learn from Failures and Successes: Our guests share not just their victories but the obstacles they've faced, offering lessons that textbooks cannot teach.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest developments in business and technology, and discover how these innovations can impact your work or business.




Ep. 45

Stephen Franke

Mastering Innovation Across Multiple Business Ventures


Ep. 44

Emily Williams Knight

How To Innovate & Lead With Resilience Through Challenging Times


pmp podcast

Q&A With an AI Expert

The episode covers how business leaders can better leverage AI, addresses common misconceptions about AI, and explores the potential of AI in revenue generation and cost savings, particularly within the pest management industry. Andrew emphasizes that AI is now more accessible and less intimidating than ever before.

ai podcast logo

Leveraging AI For Your Business: A Walkthrough with Andrew Louder of Louder Co.

The AI For All Podcast once again brings forth an insightful discussion for its listeners, this time demystifying the implementation of AI in the business sector. Andrew Louder, Founder and CEO of Louder Co, steps into the spotlight to provide guidance for businesses on integrating AI seamlessly into their operations.


Will AI Produce Useless Humans?

The other day a friend proudly told me she wrote a heartwarming graduation card to her teenage son. “Okay,” she confessed. “I didn’t write it. ChatGPT did.” I’d heard about leveraging the powerful OpenAI chatbot to pen lengthy research papers—even to create a month’s worth of social media posts. But a personal congratulatory message to your child? …


Pathways to Success: Higher Profits, Increased Efficiency and Faster Growth

On this episode, our founder, Andrew Louder joins Julian Placino to talk about how he helps multimillion-dollar companies operate more efficiently, increase profits, and achieve growth faster.


Texas Business Minds Dallas: Inside the World of Artificial Intelligence with 40 Under 40 Honoree, Andrew



Increase Profits & Improve Operations - With AI

Louder Co. is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting firm helping companies increase profits and improve operations.


Watch Andrew on the Jeff Crilley Show

Andrew Louder sits down with Jeff Crilley to share insights on the 5 Critical Tactics for Making Your Business Better in 2018. He even gets a curveball for a question when asked how he’d advise Donald Trump!


Listen to Andrew on the Jerry Acuff Show

Louder Co. Founder & CEO Andrew Louder talks with sales guru Jerry Acuff about their experiences helping businesses grow. Andrew shares his tactics for growing your business in 2018.