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Is ChatGPT Enterprise A Business Game-Changer?

Andrew Louder May 1, 2024 1:24:26 PM

Attention, small to medium-sized business owners: if you liked ChatGPT—you’re going to LOVE ChatGPT Enterprise. There are some major areas it's already proving to be a positive disruptor: safety & security, accuracy, speed of use, and collaboration. We will explore these topics in greater detail in just a moment. For now, it's worth considering the initial ChatGPT assessment coming from Computer World.


The announcement of ChatGPT Enterprise and plans for ChatGPT Business to also be introduced could signal new opportunities for businesses and startups who are navigating an uncertain economic climate. As we saw with the debut of ChatGPT, investor confidence naturally grew—with everyone wanting to capitalize on new technology that will inevitably change the way we work on a day-to-day basis.”


This is music to the ears of the business world. That’s because ever since ChatGPT launched in November 2022, small and medium-sized businesses have been experimenting with how an AI chatbot trained on a seemingly endless pool of data can help them better achieve their company goals.


Already, ChatGPT has proven to be the single biggest contributor to mass AI corporate adoption. According to Bloomberg, the platform has launched a generative AI industry that could be worth $1.3 trillion in less than 10 years. This makes total sense. Many organizations, especially those of our clients, now leverage ChatGPT in various individual ways to improve their processes, especially in assisting their employees to reach their maximum potential.


Now along comes this latest iteration to expand what’s possible when it comes to streamlining operations. As Techcrunch helpfully explains, ChatGPT Enterprise, which OpenAI first teased in a blog post earlier this year, can perform the same tasks as ChatGPT, such as writing emails, drafting essays, and debugging computer code. But the new offering also adds ‘enterprise-grade privacy and data analysis capabilities on top of the original ChatGPT, as well as enhanced performance and customization options.”


The latest version also reflects OpenAI’s realization that small and medium-sized businesses require certain features that weren’t yet available in its original consumer product. Now, as promised, we will get granular on ChatGPT Enterprise’s many outstanding features.


Boosted Safety & Security


For starters, OpenAI addresses all-important security concerns. The data of ChatGPT Enterprise clients stays private. The conversations between your employees will not be used to train the AI model, nipping one of ChatGPT’s largest privacy concerns. Also, the company has ramped up its protective measures, stating: “Our new admin console lets you manage team members easily and offers domain verification, SSO, and usage insights, allowing for large-scale deployment into enterprise.” ChatGPT Enterprise is also SOC 2 compliant and all conversations are encrypted.


Improved Accuracy


ChatGPT Enterprise lessens the chances of “hallucinations,” a problem with generative AI models, by providing users a much larger token context window. In the generative AI world, tokens are the “building blocks” of natural language allowing a system to respond efficiently and accurately. In short, by giving Enterprise users a token context window about four times larger than what basic ChatGPT allows, you can provide additional context and specifics, resulting in more accurate answers and lowering the chance of so-called hallucinations.


Unlimited Usage and High-Speed Utilization


Beyond such critical upgrades in security and token context size, ChatGPT Enterprise includes a host of improvements aimed at business customers. For one, there is no usage cap on the system. Also, GPT-4’s engine is billed as running at twice the speed of traditional ChatGPT. From a business perspective, this means that while a program debugs code and analyzes customer survey results, your customer service manager needn’t wait to create a new email template.


Enhanced Collaboration Tools for Teams


Perhaps most attractive to businesses wishing to integrate AI into certain functions, ChatGPT Enterprise enables users to create shared templates and common workflows. This way each employee needn’t reinvent the wheel when using the system. Finally, the subscription includes free credits to further fit your specific needs, giving small businesses wonderful new flexibility with ChatGPT they may have lacked before.


Is ChatGPT Right for You?


All of this leads to a burning question: Is ChatGPT Enterprise right for your business? There is no universal response to this query. To answer it, you must pivot from thinking about ChatGPT Enterprise to examine your needs. After all, Louder Co.’s team of AI experts never applies a one-size-fits all approach to working with clients. Instead, we customize based on your specific needs and objectives. This all starts with carefully documenting your goals, current software, and processes to determine where AI can make a real difference in your business. And given what we’ve learned about ChatGPT Enterprise, it may very well be the game-changer you need.


To begin the all-important conversation about how ChatGPT Enterprise— or any other AI platform—can enhance the productivity of your employees, bolster your customer service levels, and drive more success, you can contact us today. In a one-hour session, we’ll show you how the right AI solution could make all the difference for you in mere weeks, not months or even years.


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