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Louder Co. consultants are business experts who work alongside you to maximize your operations, leverage AI, and improve performance. The success stories of our clients cover a range of industry sectors and diverse operational strategies.

Louder Co. consulting case studies are a window into how a community of solvers combine the strengths of people and technology to deliver profitable, and sustainable outcomes.

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Case Study

A New CRM System Streamlines Operations and Increases Service Revenue

Industry: Home Services
Our Role: Strategically select and implement a dual Project Management - Customer Relationship Management software solution to enhance sales, office, and project management efficiencies, streamline operations, boost productivity and standardize processes for optimal performance and output. 
Services: Requirements Gathering, System Selection, System Implementation, Change Management, Process Design, Process Improvement

The Challenge

Investing in robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential for many businesses to efficiently organize and access an abundance of historical customer data. However, selecting and implementing a CRM can often take a backseat for companies that are in their infancy. This was the case for a rapidly growing home services company that surpassed its initial methods of pen-to-paper relationship management. This business owner understood the value of implementing technology to streamline processes and support cross-functional collaboration across teams, but needed help selecting software that would suit both their existing customer base and the technical proficiency of their team members. The challenge lay in assessing the vast array of CRM systems on the market and identifying the optimal solution that is suited to meet the business where they are today, while also offering the capability to accommodate scaled operations. 

With ambitions to grow their operations to $25 million in revenues while maintaining a 20% profit margin, the company standard faced an operational challenge and turned to Louder Co. for strategic guidance. Our experts have many thriving business experiences. How did you work closely with key stakeholders to identify pain points, do you maintain a high standard of 

CRM system requirements, and implementation strategies to customer service as a company expands its rollout of software that would transform their sales and project market share? Moxie was supported by management practices forever. Single call center, which presented an opportunity to streamline its processes and reduce overall data processing time.

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The Solution

To thoroughly understand the client's CRM system requirements, Louder Co. initiated the project by performing a detailed internal assessment. Our consultants engaged with key stakeholders across multiple departments to accurately identify strengths, opportunities, and critical features needed in the system. Through these discussions and observations, we pinpointed ten key requirements that served as our criteria to evaluate and score potential CRM solutions. 

After the necessary system requirements were identified, Louder Co. evaluated the top twelve CRM software options for contractors, scoring them against the identified features and capabilities. This approach enabled us to weed out unsuitable options and concentrate on the top five matches. Next, we conducted live demonstrations and narrowed the choices down to the final two software options, which were presented with a detailed analysis of their benefits, features, and workflows to aid in making the ultimate selection. The winning CRM was Jobber, which excelled in numerous features like automated communication, efficient scheduling, and comprehensive file storage. 

Once Jobber was selected, our experts worked with the sales, office, and project management teams to configure the software into the client's business. Implementing new technology can present complex challenges, making a comprehensive change management plan essential. Louder Co. carefully documented new processes, policies, and changes to daily operations to ensure a smooth and seamless transition during the implementation phase. We planned 62 key activities across the preparation, go-live, and closure stages. These activities ranged from software setup and custom template creation to comprehensive training and change management communications. The implementation concluded with a monitoring framework to track progress, all designed to ensure a seamless transition and the successful adoption of the new CRM system. 

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The Results

  • Determined 43 system requirements based on stakeholder conversations and key observations. 
  • Identified and scored 12 best-in-class CRMs that are widely used across home services industries. 
  • Developed a comprehensive implementation schedule with 62 activities to ensure a smooth configuration, change management, and rollout process onboarding for sales, office, and project management teams. 
  • Increased client revenue by 30% without adding office staff
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