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Business Transformation Story - Health Insurance Company

Andrew Louder May 1, 2024 1:22:15 PM

Operations were holding back this client’s aspirations for aggressive growth.  They suffered from broken processes, dated technology, and an inability to measure performance metrics.


This type of problem isn’t all that uncommon. For most businesses, operations are maintaining status quo – and if the end customer receives the product or service and pays, what’s the big deal anyway?  The big deal is growth and profitability. If you’re not actively positioning your company for success by fixing these processes and technology, you’re missing out on huge returns. 


How did we fix their problems? We led a number of initiatives to redesign processes, select enabling technologies, drive the changes forward, and provide operational leadership that measurably helped them operate better. 


Fixing just one of these problems would have lead to great returns. But we decided for the client to be in a position for their broader goal of acquisition, we needed to continue on our path to achieve maximum growth. Ultimately, this client’s revenues skyrocketed, leading them to be acquired about a year after we left.



  • 35% Growth to the bottom line

  • 7x Improvement in KPI targets met or exceeded

  • 280% Improvement in service activation accuracy

  • 420% Improvement in call center wait times

  • 30% Increase in customer satisfaction scores


So, how can you do this for your company? Simple: 


1.    Schedule a conversation with our team.  We will talk about your business goals and where we can help the most.


2.    We’ll create a plan to achieve your goals. Solutions may include business transformation (like what you just read), Artificial Intelligence, and many solutions in between. Regardless, this plan will be tailored to fit your growth needs. 


3.    Watch your business transform and expect great results! Because we’ve worked with so many companies and helped them succeed, we know we have the tools to help you as well.


We understand companies need to find innovative ways to grow. At Louder Co., we combine our consulting expertise with groundbreaking custom AI strategies to achieve growth and cure inefficiencies, saving our clients stress, time, and money.  About that conversation? You can schedule it here.




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