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Adobe Firefly Means AI Can Bring the Creative Spark Back to Video Marketing

Andrew Louder May 1, 2024 1:20:51 PM

As AI took the business world by storm in 2023, creative professionals and marketing leaders alike all shared the same query: “When is it our turn?” While AI pioneers like OpenAI produced consumer-friendly text-to-picture generative tools like DALL-E, AI aimed at helping businesses create compelling videos seemed beyond the capabilities of current-generation AI tools. Louder Co. is happy to share great news as we enter 2024—your wait is over.


Thanks to Adobe and its Firefly AI, 2024 is the year of AI video creation.


Adobe is continuing the trend of industry leaders taking world-class business software packages to the next level. How? By integrating AI into practically everything. Just as Microsoft Copilot will enhance how employees work with programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe will integrate its AI, dubbed Firefly, into the very tools creatives and marketers are already using.


Every business professional interested in reaching customers with more impactful video can be excited about how AI enhances Adobe platforms like Premiere Pro. Why? The importance of great video advertising remains paramount.


To be sure, putting your best foot forward with video matters to every business—even if you aren’t trying to reach younger audiences glued to video apps like TikTok and Snapchat. According to research by Forbes, viewers retain 95% of the information in an engaging video compared to just 10% when reading text. Also, social media platforms and other advertising avenues tend to algorithmically favor videos. Research shows videos are shared 1,200% more often than posts with mere links and text.


So what makes Adobe’s AI video editor such a big deal?


Put simply, it allows you to edit videos cheaper, faster, and better than ever before. This matters as video can be an expensive proposition. Very expensive. Although the mantra of some creative professionals is often: “We’ll fix it in post,” the fact is there is only so much that can be done in the editing suite. If a video has a glaring fault or a key detail gets overlooked by production staff, the result may be a costly reshoot.


Thankfully, that scenario is likely to become a thing of the past thanks to Firefly AI being integrated into the Premiere Pro editing platform. This integration, currently named “Project Fast Fill” by Adobe, allows editors to change or remove objects in a video as if editing a still picture. The resulting edit, which can be completed via simple text prompts, then propagates throughout the video instead of requiring laborious frame-by-frame tweaking. The company recently demonstrated Project Fast Fill in action at the Adobe MAX event.


Importantly, Firefly AI enables small and medium-sized businesses to accomplish their goals with video in less time at a substantially lower cost. Now, to add business context to Adobe’s demonstration, just imagine a video featuring a public demonstration of your product.


The demo may be excellent—making it a perfect ad to run on social media—only there’s just one problem. The background includes dancing teens that distract from the main subject. Instead of attempting to work around the distraction or resorting to a reshoot, you can simply employ Firefly to remove the unwanted content from the video. Extrapolating from this example, imagine the power and flexibility of changing details like lighting conditions via simple text prompts. For one thing, you can create vastly different video ads from one original recording.


Such repurposing possibilities are endless!


But Adobe Firefly AI isn’t limited to just editing visuals. A second feature, “Project Dub Dub,” can automate video voice dubbing. Leveraging this tech, companies can dub their videos into different languages—while still using the voices of the original speakers—thus eliminating the annoying mismatch between visual and audio so common with dubbing. Breakthroughs like this speak to the theme of increasing the bang for your video buck. With such dubbing prowess, your videos can generate more interest when AI creates Spanish, German, and French versions—all at the click of a button.


Already, Firefly AI has been integrated into Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator, but a launch date has not been announced for its video editing tools. Given the overwhelming interest in the marketplace, Adobe is working hard to prepare for launch—which industry news site TechCrunch believes could happen in the next few months.


Louder Co. will be closely watching for updates as Firefly has the potential to revolutionize video marketing. Ultimately, Adobe Firefly is just the latest entry in the universe of AI platforms. These can range from tools developed to improve a particular business function to those designed to touch every aspect of your organization. Finding the right AI resources to empower your company this year and beyond takes the depth of expertise that’s the trademark of our team. To learn how we can help you source the best AI tools for what you do, contact Louder Co. today!




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