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Louder Co. consultants are business experts who work alongside you to maximize your operations, leverage AI, and improve performance. The success stories of our clients cover a range of industry sectors and diverse operational strategies.

Louder Co. consulting case studies are a window into how a community of solvers combine the strengths of people and technology to deliver profitable, and sustainable outcomes.

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Case Study

A New Operating Model For Optimized Customer Experiences and Maximum Profitability

Client: CESG 
Industry: Construction Services
Our Role: Conduct a thorough evaluation of organizational processes and workflows to detect inefficiencies, provide solutions, and implement strategic frameworks for increased profit margins.
Services: Organizational Assessment, Process Design, Process Improvement, Training, and Change Management

The Challenge

Business leaders must have a comprehensive understanding of their profit margins to ensure strategic decision-making. Profit margins serve as a critical barometer of a company's financial health, offering invaluable insights into operational efficiency, pricing strategies, and overall market positioning. When an organization grows in size and scope, it's very common to overlook cost-saving opportunities to meet escalating business demands. This was the challenge for our client, CESG, a premier provider of electrical services for commercial and industrial facilities.

Building on a reputation of quality and customer service, CESG partnered with Louder Co. to identify strategies for enhanced profitability, focusing not merely on revenue growth but on comprehensive organizational improvement. Louder Co. set out to assess focus areas that would yield quick wins for profit growth.

The Solution

One of the major benefits to utilizing an outside resource for a comprehensive assessment is an unbiased evaluation. Bringing in an experienced operation consultancy allows for a fresh perspective on cross-functional opportunity areas for productivity and efficiency improvements.

Louder Co.'s initial assessment project concentrated on pinpointing areas of overspending and inefficiencies. Across conversations with key individuals and observing CESG's workflows, we identified the main challenges that had the greatest impact on net profit margins and company culture. It became very apparent that standardized processes and policies needed to be in place for specific business functions to streamline operations. There was also a need for more capability and capacity around innovation to encourage continuous improvement. With a strategic plan in place, CESG would quickly double its profits by cutting costs and achieving a universal understanding of standardized operational processes. The assessment concluded with newly developed processes and a detailed summary of scalable key initiative recommendations. We also created an Innovation Hub for CESG, enabling the capacity and capability framework needed to drive internal advancements.

A secondary assessment was completed to review CESG's operating model as it relates to technology. Louder Co. designed a new operating model based on a Flywheel, enabling CESG to grow around their core values and an increased standard for project delivery. New processes, technology and properly trained talent resulted in favorable business outcomes.


Project Accomplishments

  • Designed a new operating model, leveraging a Flywheel framework for dynamic business optimization.
  • Developed The CESG Innovation Hub as a catalyst for the ideation and execution of transformative, problem-solving innovations.
  • Standardized project delivery across job sites by unifying technology and establishing the CESG Way of high-standard outcomes.
  • Created the One CESG mantra for culture improvement, leading to a higher performing team, and becoming a better place to work.

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