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Meet Our Founder - Andrew Louder

kathryngreenizen May 1, 2024 1:23:10 PM


In 2016, Andrew started Louder Co. a boutique consultancy that helps companies find profits through Artificial Intelligence and better operations.


He started Louder Co. because he wanted to start something different, something special. He wants to build a lasting company full of top consultants where the balance and well-being of it's consultants comes first. He envisions Louder Co. as a firm full of people that love the impact they're making for the clients they're serving and the communities they're living in.


Andrew began his career in Management Consulting in 2007, working for big name firms KPMG and EY in their Strategy and Operations advisory practices. Over the years, he’s served over 25 clients in 15 different industries and sectors ranging in sizes as large as AT&T and Bank of America to mid-market to small businesses. He’s helped his clients generate over $200M in revenue, $200M in savings, and countless hours of operational efficiencies.


In 2017 he started to see how AI was entering the mainstream business landscape, and he began shifting Louder Co. by creating a service offering to get AI into businesses. AI became another tool in Louder Co.'s toolset for finding their clients profits and solutions to their biggest problems. It's how Louder Co. built AI strategies and use cases to accelerate product development for a large food and beverage company.  They've designed AI solutions to improve company cultures by making them more diverse and inclusive.  They've used AI to better deliver projects at a mid-size construction company.


Andrew has spoken on dozens of national radio shows and podcasts on business topics like strategy, leadership, culture, technology, and artificial intelligence. In October 2019, he launched a podcast called Dallas Based Innovators as a way to highlight the Dallas area as an innovation hub, and to highlight the innovative things business leaders are doing each and every day.


Andrew has it engrained in his DNA to improve communities. He is a Partner and Board Member with Social Venture Partners, addressing root-cause issues in the community through pro bono capacity building projects, and elevating social impact enterprises. He also serves on the board of Digital Fight Club, a high energy, one on one debate-style event that pits technology luminaries against each other over the hottest technology trends.


Andrew graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. He's married to an incredibly supportive wife and the father to three amazing children. He doesn't have much spare time, but when he does, he enjoys spending time with his family, coaching his kids' teams, playing golf with friends, and relaxing at a beach.


Follow him on his social channels: LinkedIn | Instagram


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